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About Us

The Sling Library was started on the 30th September 2008 by Dominika and has flourished since. It was taken over in 2012 and is growing still. It is based close to Belfast but we service as much as Northern Ireland as possible thanks to the many trained Trageschule Foundation Babywearing Consultants working with us! The Sling Library allows you to borrow different kinds of slings to enable you to find out what suits you, and your baby, the best. There are so many different kinds of slings that it can be quite overwhelming to decide what would suit your lifestyle and it's great to be able to chat to someone and gain advice about different styles and brands.

There really is something for everyone and if you find you aren't happy with a certain style then you can try another until you find one that's perfect. All our slings hold the baby in the anatomically correct position which helps support the babies spine and hips while keeping them close to you. They are also designed to give maximum comfort and spread the weight of the child across the body.

There are also Local Links to other shops and services in Northern Ireland which may be of interest to you, some of which offer discount to Sling Library clients!!

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11 Month Old Napping in Didymos FirefishHi, I'm Eve, a stay at home mum to three wonderful children. I wore my daughter when she was a few months old and fell in love with babywearing then, my passion continued and grew. I had learned more about babywearing and was still carrying my daughter when she was 2.5yrs old while 7mo pregnant with my son. It was so lovely to have those precious moments being close with her before we began to share our lives and love with another member of our family. Getting pregnant with my 3rd I was still wearing my son on his 2nd birthday 2 days before his little brother was born which gave me the freedom to still give my daughter the love and attention that she needs. My youngest is 2 and is still worn and occasionally the 6 and 4 year old still ask to get up. I wore all three of my children even though I suffer with fibromyalgia. I am currently taking a time out to look after myself and my family but I am still active in looking after the website and helping out as much as I can in the background.

I am a Trageschule UK Certified course trained Babywearing Consultant!

Bobo having fun in Oscha Hazelnut RosesHi, I'm Yola, a mum to my gorgeous 4 year old son. I love wearing him as it helps us to be close even while I cook dinner!! We enjoy going to meets, socialising and having fun. Babywearing allows us to get out and about easily so we're able to go down on the beach and to the park! I am currently working hard to bring as much as the library to as many people as possible but our aim is quality over quantity.

I am a Trageschule UK Certified course trained Babywearing Consultant!
Picture To ComeHi, I'm Jo/Joanne mum to 2 beautiful girls and a new baby boy. I researched babywearing and bought my first woven wrap during my first pregnancy. However I didn't wrap much til I discovered slingmeets which had started locally about 6 months later. Well once mastered, the pram was abandoned and I was a fulltime babywearer. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to train with trageschule to become a qualified babywearing instructor shortly after my second child and was subsequently pleased to be able to offer my services to volunteer with SLNI. Looking foward to lots of wrapping with my littlest and to helping lots more families discover the joy of babywearing

I am a Trageschule UK Certified course trained Babywearing Consultant!