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About Hiring

Sling Library NI has a number of different wraps and carriers which are available to hire. To hire any of our slings or carriers we require a (fully refundable - see our Terms and Conditions) £50 deposit. Our fortnightly hire fee is £5 and we offer a 4 weekly hire for £8. If you require a sling/carrier for a different period of time we can try and arrange that for you. I can take deposits in cash or via paypal deposit. If you wish to borrow a carrier which is out on loan currently you are also able to contact me to reserve it when it's returned.

I attend the monthly Carrickfergus meetings and you can find the date of the next meet on the facebook page or on the calendar on the website home page. If you aren't able to get to one of them, don't despair! I can arrange to meet you at a time and place that suits you or you can come to my home for an appointment - whatever suits!