About Asian Carriers

Mei Tai Carrier

There are a number of different Asian style carriers but they all share the basic form of a rectangular panel with waist band and shoulder straps. There are many different brands, and you can also have a custom made carrier. They come in a wide range of patterns and fabrics as well as wrap conversions which are made from wrap fabric. Some have padding and sleep hoods.

A Mei Tai [pronounced 'may tie'] comes from China and has shoulder straps and a waist strap and falls somewhere in between a wrap and a soft structured carrier. The shoulder straps can be passed around the child to secure them to you. Some can be used from birth but since they are sized [baby/toddler/preschool], as the child grows you may need to get a bigger size.

A Podaegi [pronounced 'poh-DAY-jee' and sometimes known as a Pod] is a Korean carrier and features a large rectangular blanket which wraps round both the baby and wearer and has no waist band, only shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are long and wrap round both the wearer and child to tie them in securely. As there is no width restriction to many pods they can be used for many ages but are most suitable for back carries.

An Onbuhimo [pronounced 'on-boo-HEE-moh'] again has no waist strap but instead features rings at the bottom on each side that the shoulder straps can pass through in order to tie it at the wearer's waist. It originates from Japan and is mostly used for back carries.