About Ring Slings And Pouches

Daddy babywearing

Sometimes all we need is a quick run into the shop to get milk or to pick an older child up from school or nursery, and both ring slings and pouches are great for these times! Both types of sling are typically one shouldered carriers with a modern spin on the very traditional design of the rebozo [short wrap, tied across one shoulder]. They can be used for front and hip carries, and can also be used on the back with older children for short periods.

Ring slings come in many different fabrics, including wrap fabrics. The fabric is threaded through 2 rings, which makes them adjustable for different sizes and ages of children. There are different styles of shoulders and many people find that one shoulder suits them more than the others. Most ring slings use metal rings but occasionally nylon rings are used instead.

They're great for getting a little cooking done or for just getting your teeth brushed when you have a child who is upset and just "wants up"! They are also a great choice for when you don't have a lot of room, like travelling on a plane.

Pouch slings are a band of fabric and can also be used for quick ups and downs. Some are adjustable but most are a fixed size which means they're not as easy to transfer between parents or other caregivers. They are bought to fit the size of the adult [e.g. small/medium/large etc.] and can be easy to use as they don't require you to try and get it tightened.