About Soft Structured Carriers

Baby in a soft structured carrier

There are lots of brands of soft structured carrier [SSC] but they all have similar features. They have a rectangular body panel, waist band and shoulder straps. Some have padding in the shoulder straps and waistband for extra comfort.

This is another carrier which is very quick to use as usually you just need to fasten a couple of buckles and you're on your way. On most SSCs both the waistband and straps are very adjustable, meaning that losing/gaining weight or even having someone else using your carrier is not a problem. Each SSC will have a different feel to it, and some have buckles on the shoulder straps allowing them to be crossed over your back when using them for front carries. They are also great for back carries.

While some SSCs come with newborn inserts many aren't suitable until between 3-6 months, and some will continue to fit up to toddlerhood. A lot also come with other features like extendable back panel or sleep hood. SSCs have always been a great entry into babywearing. If you've never done it before and find it a bit daunting they are a simple way to start, and the dads seem to love them as well! They come in a range of colours and patterns and you can even get your own custom made carrier too!