About Stretchy Wraps

Newborn in a Stretch Wrap

Stretchy wraps are a great starting point for someone with a newborn; they provide excellent support for both baby and adult as well as being very cosy. They can be pre-tied before you leave the house, which eliminates worries about what happens when you arrive at your destination as you're able to just pop baby into the wrap and away you go! A stretch wrap allows you to cradle your baby closely so you can be assured they are okay, as well as giving you an easy way to breastfeed hands-free if you choose. They are primarily used for front carries, and while back carries are not advised with most stretch wraps, there are a couple of "hybrid" wraps which are safe enough for a back carry, like Je Porte Mon BéBé hybrids.

As the most common carrying position is upright they are extremely helpful for young babies who suffer from reflux and wind. They allow you to have plenty of skin to skin and to bond with your new baby. They usually last until your baby is about 6 to 9 months old, depending on the size and weight of each individual.

They come in a variety of colours and thicknesses and some even have themed panels sewn on the front to display your favourite pattern or TV show!