About Woven Wraps

Front Wrap Cross Carry in Didymos Elburg Fish

Woven wraps are traditional baby-carriers and have been used around the world since its dawn. Their intense versatility and structure allow the wearer to position the baby on the front, back or hips as well having many variations in the way those carries can be done. There really is something for everyone!

Wovens come in many different weaves, mostly twill or diagonal as well as Jacquard which allows pictures to be woven into the wraps. Also a huge variety of materials, colours and textures. They range from a light gauze for a hot summer's day to a thick woolly blanket to keep your little one snug in the coldest of our UK winters. Every blend will have its own good points and bad, whether it's a pure cotton blend which is best for beginners or a linen which gives a sturdiness fabulous for toddlers! While, at the moment, we don't carry anything other than 100% cotton, Eve has her personal wraps to allow you to see and feel the different fabrics and weaves.

The wraps come in everything from 2m through to 5.2m on average, each size again has its place in life. Many people have more than one size in their collection to give them the advantage of each. A shorter wrap is great for quick carries as they don't take long to tie whereas a wrap with more length will take more time to tie but gives so much support and comfort they're great for leisurely walks or just getting your weekly shopping done!

Woven wraps aren't as difficult as they look and while the learning curve is steep, the rewards are endless. One of the best things about them is that they are suitable for a newborn all the way up to a 3-5 year old! I have known some people to use them for an older child for a quick snuggle or because they aren't well. Not only are they are well worth investing in for yourself and your babys comfort and those who use them often praise them as their preferred sling or baby carrier.